We all are familiar with sending pictures on the Internet. However, there are several services that enable you to send free text messages with pictures.

Digital agencies use this kind of service to send text messages with pictures, instead of using SMS on their clients’ devices.

Many digital agencies are starting to use a new kind of app called Lycos Messenger. It allows you to send free text messages with pictures and it is free. You can also choose the number of characters that you want to send and save it in your contact list. They can be used as both messaging tools and content generators for clients’ profiles on Lycos platform.

Sending free text messages with pictures is not a new idea. But the same cannot be said for the platform that makes it happen. There are a lot of different platforms out there, but we wanted to find out which one is worth your attention when it comes to sending free sms messages.

Starting in 2015, there was a lot of buzz about virtual phone numbers. Companies were starting to offer schedule when you could call anyone via a mobile number.

The aim of the text message service is to provide a platform for send sms with pictures. It should be said that the service is free because it provides the good quality pictures: they are not paid. The pictures are hosted by lycos, which is a well known Internet provider.

This tool is all about sending free text messages to someone, who sends you pictures. The program sends a message with the picture attached.

A text message can be sent by clicking on a picture. The picture is uploaded to the Lycos file sharing platform in the form of a .jpg image or in the form of LYCOS PNG format. The platform then converts it into an .txt file, which can be opened with any text editor.

So if you need to send a short message out to your friends, colleagues or contacts, go through this article and download a free application that will do it for you!

This article has been written in English so please feel free to add your comments/requests in your own language if you are not familiar with these tools.

The use of text messaging is in a growing trend in the workplace. Some potential customer would be interested in sending a message to their friend, colleague or boss.

Some companies are starting to use the tool on a permanent basis. They let the customer choose from one of several pre-set templates and images (or not) and can send an unlimited number of texts – images, attachments, links etc.