Christmas is almost at the corner, and people really ought to start thinking about their Christmas gifts before its too late. Don’t wait for the week before the big event to do it, because you’ll have nothing left to buy, make sure you do it in time, and the perfect time is right now! However, even if you have already decided to start your Christmas shopping, be it an aquarium fish tank, Anki Overdrive, a piece of jewellery, or outdoor equipment, you need to pay special attention to some things, and we’re going to list them here for you. So, these are the 5 Christmas shopping tips that you shouldn’t skip reading!

Returns Policy
Before you buy anything, make sure you read the retailers’ returns policy. These is a chance that the person who gets the gift wants to exchange it for something else, and if the returns policy doesn’t allow that, they that person’s in a pickle. This is especially true for apparels, as everyone’s choices vary a lot when it comes to dresses or even fitness wears like waist trainer. See if the retailer offers an exchange, credit note or a full refund. Also, check out the dates, because some retailers only allow for the gift to be returned up to 30 days from the purchase.

Website Scams
Online scams are spreading like a wild fire nowadays, and you need to pay special attention to them. These scammers usually prey on the most vulnerable people, as well as the people that aren’t that good with technology. So, try to be one step ahead of them, and only buy from reliable online stores. The best way to see is a website is a scam is by inspecting its URL. If the URL starts with “https”, that means that you are on a safe website, which is really important is you’re making payments via it. Also, if the website has a padlock symbol near the address bar, the website should be safe and secure, and the scammers can’t touch you there!

Purchase Protection
Sometimes, it is better to buy stuff with a credit card, because in that case, you’ll be much safer and more protected as a customer. This is especially important when considering that the laws stipulate that the credit card company is liable as much as the retailer for any purchase under 30,000 and over 100 UK Pounds. This really comes in handy if your purchase does not get delivered, or arrives faulty.

Delivery Date
Make sure you check the delivery dates before you purchase an item, because it would be really lame if the gift arrived ten days after Christmas. Make sure you get a guarantee on the delivery date before you make the purchase, and only when you’ve secured that should you continue. This will avoid any disappointments and make sure everyone’s happy on the jolly day.

Gift Receipts
In case you are buying some clothing as a Christmas gift, you could use some of these. Sometimes, the size just doesn’t fit (and especially around Christmas, when we all eat a bit too much), and you have to exchange the clothes for the same one of a different size. A gift receipt will allow you to do so, or even change the colour of the clothes!