No matter what some people might think, picking the right desk for your kids’ study area might really be difficult. Many things need to be considered before a decision on a desk is made, not counting the fact that your kids are going to grow rather fast. So, in order to help you out with this, we’ve decided to give you the 5 tips that should help you pick the perfect desk for your children; and here they are.

Pay Attention to Size


Size does matter is an old saying, and it can be used here as well. You need to make sure that your children don’t feel cramped in any way while they’re sitting by the desk. This usually happens when the kids start growing rabidly, and that is something you need to take into account before choosing a desk.

Keep in mind that your kids’ middle school homework gets rather serious, which basically means that the desk needs to fit them at that age as well. Interestingly, research shows that children are most efficient with their studies just after they’re back from a shower, according to Showerheadly.

They need to sit behind it normally, without knocking their knees. Also, make sure that the work surface of the desk is large, which will allow the child to spread out the homework papers, various books, supplies, and of course, a computer.

Make Sure it’s Functional and Useful

Don’t just go for the most common desk that has a couple of drawers and a work surface. Pick something that’s a bit more useful and functional, like a desk specially equipped for computer equipment, a drafting table which is perfect for arty kids due to the fact that it has a slanted surface, a roll-top desk which can house and protect various unfinished project for a long time, a modular system desk that can be configured differently every time thanks to it’s stackable cubes, or a custom built desk that can be built to your exact specifications.

Add Some Features

Make sure that the desk has various drawers, compartments or shelves that can be reached without many problems. Also, keep in mind that they ought to be reached while your kid is still sitting. The drawers need to be big enough to store various books, notebooks or papers. You need to remember that this is a desk for kids, meaning that all the drawers ought to glide, and that no strength needs to be utilized to open them.

Pick the Right Materials and Finishes

Nowadays, most study desks are being made from more than one material, and most of them include wood, metal and laminate. Make sure you choose a desk that has all of those: wood is an amazing material which can last a long time, metal makes the desk a lot safer and stronger, and the laminate is used for the desk surfaces because it is waterproof and smooth.

Don’t Forget Comfort

If you wish to instill great study habits in your kids, then make sure that their study space is very comfortable. The more comfortable it is, the more time the kids are going to spend there, which will increase their chances of developing healthy study habits.